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I just want that badge but whatever.

I started out on this website with my main account :iconviolentlink: I had no intention of truly drawing anything, or writing anything.
I only joined the website because I found this fan fiction by :iconviokun: and I really wanted to read it however if you didn't have an account you couldn't read the hidden because of age parts of the story. This fanfiction right here 
is the only reason I'm even on this website.

So I made an account and finished reading the whole fan fiction, and then I started messaging the author of it telling her how great it was and how I couldn't wait for the next chapter and so on.
Eventually one day the author made a journal about a chat room and I asked to join, that chat is where I met my first online friends here, no they weren't perfect because no one is but they were some of the best friends I made in a while. A lot of them have left the website but I won't forget the times that we shared.

After a while of roleplaying with them a friend :iconredlinkxbluelink54: asked me to draw a picture of the Fierce Deity.
I sat with my sketch book for a long time drawing pieces of genuine crap.
I couldn't draw.
But I uploaded something I worked on for a long time Oni Chibi by ViolentLink
this drawing got me started on my long quest to become a better artist. Sure I got comments such as 
"He's so cute! U should draw more often! :D ur really good at it! >w<" :iconredlinkxbluelink54:

And you thought you failed.
Now take a look at your comments.
Who was right?
I know, I know. B-)
Nicely done, you should draw more often,
you're good at chibis.
I can't draw chibis. xP" :iconblu3l1nkocd:

"SO FRIGGIN ADORABLE" No longer on this site  :iconkiddygal:

IT SO CUTE" :iconviokun:

At the time I believed everyone was just being nice but I accepted their kind words anyway.
Skipping past all the drama and issues and all that crap that isn't as important anymore.

I decided to leave my main account and make this ask account here.
Now my very first question is of course a genuine piece of crap Ask Oni 1 by Ask-Oni
Oh god, just looking at that makes me want to run away </3
The drawings that looked better where the ones I worked a lot harder on.

And at some point my own crappy style developed Ask Oni 66 by Ask-Oni
and this here...was probably the beginning of my whole "I'm gonna try harder" phase with my art.
Around here I had met many many lovely people here I am not going to name them all because they know who they are,
yes even I loved that one fan who spams me with faves, or the one that annoys me like hell.

I saw DeviantART as a place to go after school to enjoy myself and leave reality, however reality still lurked here with people bullying each other, too much drama, love stuff, etc. It was everywhere. And I had to help people survive, yes some of them didn't make it and left, but others still stood with me. However they didn't last either, some left...and never returned. But others left and came back. I enjoy coming online here to talk to my friends, roleyplay with them, joke around, hang out in chats, streams, etc.
All of this became part of daily routine.

I would even spend my classes thinking about how a roleplay would continue or who would be in a chat room or ready to talk when I got home.

But another thing I would think about was my art, after an incident that happened in school leaving me with a lot of time to think over my personality (I'm actually kinda thankful that event happened, if it didn't I wouldn't realize who I really was.) I started to work on my art, trying to make it better. More smooth, more enjoyable to look at.
And here I am now Where have I been? by Ask-Oni
I'm not at the goal yet.
But I'm going to get there.

I've been on DeviantART for 2 whole years that I don't regret, a lot has happened too. But I'm going to stay here, and this is my DeviantART story.


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hey guys im Oni the Deity or better known as the Fierce Deity. This is me years later after being freed from the mask, have any questions for me? I sometimes do Digital art or Traditional art it depends.

:iconask--toothless: This dragon...loves bothering me
:iconanimeboycrazy4: God dammit Nappa!
:iconask-dark-toon-link: He's an awesome guy
:iconask-majora: I like teasing him
:iconasktrout: He's so fun to tease
:iconbetrayedhound: My Roxas
:iconthecomebackwrath: My Absol
:iconviokun: FLUFFY!

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